Ignored markers in SAB 4.6.1

In a previous thread I posted a problem with \cp markers being ignored in the latest version of SAB. Later I found out that \mt markers, with or without numeric variable, is also ignored and maybe there’s more. I think it would be very helpful to have a thread for everyone else to report similar issues.

Those both are fixed in 4.7 coming out this week.

Thank you very much for fixing it. I also noticed the problem with \mt as well as \cp.

Sorry about the problems with \mt and \cp. These should now be fixed in SAB 4.7, released today.

What a great news! Thank you very much for fixing it!

Hi. It looks like the marker \cp is not fixed in SAB 4.7 for iOS. Or am I missing something?

Yes \cp in SAB 4.7 for Android got fixed but did not get fixed in for iOS.