ignored markers

First off, I wanted to say that I have found the HearThis software to be very useful. I have been able to record a fair amount with it, and have been able to help someone else record much of the NT in their language.
However, when helping someone else record, we ran into a glitch. They used the \tl marker to mark transliterated text, but HearThis suppressed any text that had this marking. Since \tl is the recommended Paratext marker for transliterated text, would it be possible to add it into the list of valid markers?
Also, is there a customization possibility where one could add any custom markers, should they use such markers?

The \tl marker is not explicitly excluded. The text marked up with the \tl marker is not being included because it is defined in the stylesheet as “nonvernacular”. All other nonvernacular text is also non-publishable, so the HearThis code mistakenly assumes that all nonvernacular text should be excluded. In general, text marked with any custom markers will be included in HearThis, so there shouldn’t be a need for UI to explicitly include them, as long as they are properly defined in the style sheet,

I’ve created an issue for this: https://jira.sil.org/browse/HT-233. I’ll try to have a fix ready soon.

Bruce, what version of HearThis are you using? There are two different versions - one for PT7 and one for PT8. It is helpful in preparing fixes to know which version is being used.

Thanks all for the replies.
I actually tested it with at least the Paratext7 version, as well as the 2.0.86 beta, and I don’t recall if I tried it on the"stable" version for paratext 8, before that version stopped working.
Since it was the same on all, I didn’t specify a version.

In general terms, it is important to include what version of software is being worked on because in many cases fixes are not being added to older versions. As we move towards Paratext 8, there is less motivation to fix issues in Paratext 7 (and the related tools like HearThis). Since the different versions of HearThis work with different versions of Paratext, it is important to know which version is being used.

As a short term work around to the issue of “publishable non-vernacular” text like the \tl marker not appearing in HearThis you can do the following:

  1. Make a copy of the usfm.sty sheet (do NOT edit usfm.sty) and rename the copy as something like usfmHT.sty
  2. Edit the usfmHT.sty so that the \tl marker (and other needed markers) are changed from “publishable non-vernacular” to “publishable vernacular”
  3. In Project Properties and Settings attach the usfmHT.sty (under the advanced tab). Or for more safety you could make a copy of the project for recording purposes and attach the usfmHT.sty

NOTE that this is a work around - you should use extreme caution, particularly with PT7, in changing the styles and should NEVER edit the usfm.sty since any changes can easily get propagated to the world.

The fix is now ready to be reviewed, so it should be published by the end of the week.

The fix is now available in HearThis 1.4 (for Paratext 7). For Paratext 8, the fix is currently only available in the pre-release 2.0 version (not available on the download website or via automated updates). If that version does not go live in the next few days, I can make the fix available in HT 1.5 also.

HT 2.0 has been released and contains the fix.

Great, thanks.
I just tried it out, and from what I can tell, it works well.
I did notice one minor detail that I will mention though. I tried out the HearThisPack feature, and found that it copied most of the info into the pack. However, it did not seem to copy the skipped lines info. Not a big deal, as usually lines won’t be skipped, but I had a couple of times where a word had been orphaned (not a HearThis issue, operator error issue), so I needed to record it with the previous line, and then tell Hearthis to skip it.
Thanks again.

Thanks, Bruce.
I have created https://jira.sil.org/browse/HT-242 for this.