Illustrations in SAB or Paratext?

I’m wondering about the best way to enter illustrations into Scripture. Entering them in Paratext would be the best I think but what I’d like to do is enter both color and black and white, color for electronic publications and black and white for print. I recently took an SAB workshop and we learned how to add illustrations in SAB. Currently I have black and white illustration links in Paratext but I see the app I built during the workshop doesn’t have those images in it. I just checked SAB and this may be because I didn’t check “Include and show illustrations in this app”.

But my main question is, is there a way to have two sets of illustrations, color and black and white? If so, how can this be done? From the SAB documentation it looks like illustrations can be imported into SAB from Paratext. If it’s possible to have both would one need to have the black and while in Paratext and enter the information for color illustrations in SAB? Or can they all be in Paratext with different SFMs and SAB be told which ones to use?

Probably the simplest is to use a PictList for SAB, and to use \fig fields in the USFM for print publications, filtering them out of SAB.

But there may be overlap, and it can also be handy to keep all that info in Paratext, in which case you can make use of the obsolete Location field to indicate which output(s) a particular image is intended for. See How to tell Paratext which images are for print and which are for electronic outputs

Filtering out app images from PtxPrint is simply a matter of checking the box for “Omit pictures only meant for Web or app”. For other print outputs, you’ll need to add a changes rule to filter appropriately.

I have not tried this, just suggesting a possible approach.

You really don’t want to make manual edits of the Paratext files. That way if there are updates to the Paratext files you don’t have to figure out what to update.

There is a “Changes” section in SAB that allow you to make programmatic changes to the text. You can preview the changes in the Source and Viewer tabs for a book.

You could add the color illustrations to SAB and having the naming such that you can use the Changes to change the reference from the black & white illustration imported from Paratext to be the color illustration added to SAB.

Hi there,

Something that I found out is that it’s important to note that a lot of the common black and white illustrations used in printed Bibles (Horace Knowles, for example. I think that’s the spelling.) require separate usage agreements for digital publications.

I would love to use his illustrations in my hymnal app but I haven’t had the time to figure out that whole progress yet.

Maybe you already have this issue covered, but I thought I’d mention it just in case.