Image Layers in SAB Project

The ability to layer images in an SAB app project would greatly help with one app that I continue to work on. The app has 100 images and text on top of those images. We initially built the app for Arabic and English, but now we are adding more and more languages into the app. This means that without the ability to layer images, I have to recreate the images for each subsequent language that we add into the app. This makes the app begin to get rather large in size - 100 new images for each subsequent language.

Here you can see that there is only a small text change for each of these images (English, German, Indonesian)

It would be great if the ability existed in SAB to layer an image on top of another image. In my case, it would mean layering a mostly transparent image with just the image text “The Holy”, “Der Heilige”, etc. on top of the background image.