Images in Language & Layout

We use the Contents Menu to list the Bibles (with covers) on first view. (click for more...) This can be tedious to set up.

Thereafter the user has to use the menu to access this again. (click for more...) This is not always apparent to the user until they are familiar with the app.

But, there is already a Language & Layout page (click for more...) with 3 ways to get to this (including the menu), but without the images.

This makes the Contents Menu redundant. But, we still prefer the images so we have kept it for now.

I propose adding cover images to each Book collection to be used in the Language & Layout page.

Single Pane

To save space, only the Book selected will display an image (and hide other Book images). Tapping the Book again will hide the image (for long lists of books).

Maybe there could be an option to display images for all Book collections.

Two Pane

This will display the images of the Books selected.

There will need to be a generic image if a Book Collection does not have one set.