Images size problem iOS


There is a problem with an iOS app - the images are not resized, but cropped. I give a link to the original image and screenshots on 8+, 11ProMax, and iPad Pro.

In what context is the image appearing? As part of a reader app, as a image link?

It happens to all images - these are illustrations to the text of a parable, they are not links.

Please send me a copy of the simulator ipa file for this app and I will be better able to review the problem. Thanks

link to ipa

I am sorry but I think I’m going to need to see the whole project. This appears to be related to the motion that is defined for the images and I can’t visualize exactly how that is set up. Please zip up the project and provide a link to where I can download it. Thank you

Here is the link

Thank you!

The answer to this one is a bit complicated, although the final answer is I will work on this before the next release to provide a bit more consistency between the android and the iOS app. The app in question is a storybook app and is using motion for each of the pictures, although not much for this first one. When you define motion for an image and specify the start and end positions, neither android nor iOS give you precisely what you asked for. They each may allow more in the image or clip some off that you originally designated as part of the image to show, so those start and end images are more guidelines. I think with each, the width is pretty much what was specified but the height may add or subtract to make the context sizes work. Android tends to follow the proportions of the original full image (regardless of the shape of the starting or ending motion area I think) and maintains that same context if you switch to landscape, showing black on both sides of the image. iOS has a bit more static rectangular image and tries to fill the screen when going to landscape. The image in question was more or less square image and so had more clipped to match in the iOS. If there is no motion, you would get the entire picture as defined in the iOS app. So the fact that the whole image does not display as shown in the preview for either Android or iOS is not surprising for an image with motion defined. I will work to try to make the iOS implementation come closer to matching the Android implementation for the next release.

Thank you! It is now fixed, as I disabled the motion.