Importing questions into Scripture Forge

If I have a (long) list of questions (e.g. in a tab-separated text file), is there some way to get that into scripture forge without a lot of manual copy-pasting?
I’m happy to re-format my text file into whatever format is necessary, (usfm, XML, or even a series of HTTP post-requests from the linux command line!) but I just don’t see any ‘bulk upload questions’ options anywhere.

Hi David, if you are using the Transcelerator plugin in Paratext, you can bulk import questions from that. However, currently there is no way to add questions in bulk from a file. We have thought about a feature like that but you are the first one to ask for it. Would you be interested in helping to shape how a new bulk question import feature from a file would work?

I don’t have much time to work on it, but can offer some suggestions.
Simplest would be something like:

BookID ch:verse[-verse] Qn {end of line}

GEN 11:1-4 What were they afraid of?
GEN 11:5 Why did God need to go down?
GEN 11:8 When were the people obedient to God's command in Genesis 9:7?

Where the book id is the 3 letter paratext code.

Thanks for your input. We are planning to add a basic CSV import for questions (coma-separated variable files seem more universally supported). We have created an issue to track this new feature