Impossible to have two different Bible Brain audio sources in one Old Testament?

In one of my projects, FCBH audio exists in both voice-only and in drama version (with music). I am not succeeding to have a combination of voice-only and drama audio in the Old Testament books. I created two differnent audio sources but SAB won’t allow me to use the second Bible Brain Old Testament source. It always jumps to the first one when I try to add the second one to the files. The strange thing is that in the NT I don’t have this problem. For example, I can use the voice-only version in the Gospel of Matthew and the drama version in the Gospel of Mark. Different file sets and different audio sources. But in the Old Testament, I wouldn’t be able to do that. Did anyone else eve run into this problem?

I started to research this because with Book Tabs it should be possible to even have both audio versions accessible for the user in the same app. For example, one tab could contain the Scripure text that is associated with the drama audio of FCBH. If the users prefer the voice-only, they could select the second tab that comes with the same Scripture but with a different set of FCBH audio files.

If the sources have different names, it should be fine. I have seen people use the same name for different sources and SAB can’t handle that correctly (it should prevent it.).

Yes, the sources definitely had different names and it still didn’t work. That’s what is strange about it…I tried lot’s of things.

Can you share the project with me in email? I will take a look.

Thanks, I just sent you an email.