[improvement request] Default folders

Hello Everyone,

I moved all my data of SAB to iCloud and replace folders, but IOS Simulators continue build into
~/App Builder/Scripture Apps/Sim Output (other is OK)

I fixed it with sym-link, but may be better add to app options of default folder of SAB (or for "Sim Output ") ?


Thank you for pointing this out. I must have missing this configuration when I added the simulator feature. I have implemented this feature and created a pull request for it.

in the meantime, you can manually edit the settings file to work around it. It should be located at ~/Library/Preferences/SIL/App Builder/settings.xml. Just be careful editing the file. :slight_smile:

The setting will be:

    <folder name="sim.output">/Users/USERNAME/App Builder/Scripture Apps/Sim Output</folder>


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