Improving User Experience for full screen Video windows

Videos currently postitioned in SAB texts are cumbersome to make full screen on a phone. Currently the user must click the full screen icon, then turn their phone to a horizontal (wide) position, then they must double tap on the screen to make the phone go to full screen.

Youtube and other video player windows are much easier for the user. All they need to do is turn their phone to a horizontal position and the video changes to full screen mode. If they rotate the phone back to portrait orientation, then the video box changes back to appearing with the SAB text. SAB should be upgraded to behave in this way so that Youtube users (basically everyone) will not be confused and frustrated with the current controls.

Another enhancement to mimic Youtube would be to enable pausing of the video by a single tap of the video window. Currently the user must press the pause button in the lower left.

Another improvement would be hiding the book collection box in the upper right corner when video is displayed in full screen mode. Currently this book collection box stays on while the video plays.

Thanks for continuing to improve the user experience of SAB apps. -rg