In app font style option

SAB continues to awesome…most bugs weve encountered have been adressed with each software update…Thank you for the great efforts…Would it be possible to have an option for app users to choose between different font styles when using the app?..we have had plenty of this requests…Thank you

Hi Frank,
If I understand correctly, I have good news for you… the feature already exists! Just go to the fonts entry in the left hand pane of SAB, add another font in that fonts screen, and then try out your app - you go into the area where you change font size - you’ll see your font there for selection.

And for future readers who wish to be rid of this (I didn’t want this, since I just use another font for End-of-Ayah markers for the verses, and that other font wouldn’t render the scripture text correctly), the solution is to go to the actual book collection, look for the fonts tab, and in there you can untick/uncheck the font. Happily referring to the font in the styling still works, so that solves the problem.

Hope that helps!