Incomplete highlighting of audio of Burmese script text

Anytime there is a full stop marker (which looks like this in Burmese ။), the highlighting disappears in the middle of a verse. Then when the next verse starts, the highlighting reappears. So there’s no problem if there’s only one sentence in the verse. Is there any way to prevent this behavior? Is this an SAB issue or something I can do in Hear This? I’m using the Padauk font.

Have you tried the highlighting by verse setting on the sixth page of the Aeneas Sync dialog? Does that work more predictably?

Sorry for not replying sooner. Are you saying that I should try using Aeneas instead of Hear This, or Aeneas instead of Audacity?

I just installed Aeneas and used it to generate a sync text file. Then I built the app using that file. But now, none of the audio is being highlighted.

Was this ever resolved, and if so, how? I am also facing an issue with Padauk font, and while not the same issue, wondering what kinds of issues people had previously and how they were resolved. Thanks.

Can you explain your issue with Padauk? There have been lots of issues with synchronization over the years, so it’s a bit hard to list them all… Using Aeneas from within SAB is generally the easiest path, but RTL / non-Roman scripts can be challenging. Storybook pages with single sentences (no interior punctuation) can be problematic but there is a way to fix that.