Initial audio player popup performance / notice

I am testing an app on two phones with FCBH sourced audio.
Phone one is Xiaomi 5, Android 8 (with MIUI 10 Global on top), Quad-core Max 2.15 Ghz CPU with 3 GB ram. The FCBH sourced audio pops up immediately.

Phone two is running Android 5.1.1 (with ColorOS on top), Qualcomm MSM8916 Quad core CPU, 2 GB ram, click on the speaker icon on first launch of the app after install leads to 30 seconds of nothing before audio player pops up.

I am in the US right now on the same wifi for both so network shouldn’t be a factor.

The app in at should you like to try it yourself.

I have seen this effect on other phones.

Two questions:

  1. Is this likely a pure performance issue due to hardware or something else?
  2. would it make sense to implement some kind of visual aid (spinning circle) to let the users know that it is trying to load so they don’t think it is frozen when nothing happens for 30 seconds?


I tested your app and had no delay. Asus Android 6.0.1

Unless the developer has a test phone to reproduce the delay, these sorts of bugs are not likely to be fixed. Reproducible bugs can be fixed.

I’m wondering/guessing whether the delay has something to do with how large/full/populated the external SD card is on the phone in question. From memory (which is poor right now!) I think SAB “goes looking” for the audio files if they aren’t found in the given folder, before it attempts to download them. So if the main storage of the device and/or the SD card in the device is full of stuff, it might take SAB longer to check that what it is looking for is not there.
Perhaps a developer can confirm whether this is true, or just my imagination.
In any case, I think you have a point that the user needs to know WHAT is happening, rather than be left staring at an unresponsive app for 30-60 seconds…

Yes, that’s what is happening. The plan is that SAB 5.0 will include a “Searching for audio files…” progress bar at this point.

Thanks all for the reply. The device has 16GB of Internal Storage and that is it, no external. Here is the full spec:

It is 3 years old and costs about $50. It is only half full in storage where as the other one is about 95% full. So it is probably a combination of processor speed and volume?

Please don’t mind me asking that 1) if you specify an external folder as audio source that is a known, specific variable 2) if FCBH or internet, then SAB is probably designating a specific directory. So if not found in that directory, it starts to search everywhere? I can see this is beneficial if the user moved the files but the downside is this potentially huge performance hit. For most of my target audience, moving audio around is far less likely a scenario than user click on audio, nothing seems to be happening, concluding the app got issues and quit.

Maybe another solution would be in the event of not finding in designated folder, prompt user if they moved files? (yes=search, no= download) or less intrusively add that as an option (if file not found, prompt or download new). Or that can be an option in the SAB tool?

The progress bar will be very helpful.

Thanks everyone!