Install APK on Android fails

I am new to SAB and am trying to install an APK on my Android 12 phone (Oppo A53s). I have turned on Developer mode and USB debugging on the phone. Building the app in SAB (10.1.1) is done.
The phone is connected by USB and I have selected “File transfer / Android Auto”, instead of the default setting “Charging only”. [The phone is in Dutch, the actual English terms may be somewhat different.]

However, when I click “Install APK…”, installation fails. The command window shows the following:

  • Installing APK on attached device *

  • daemon not running; starting now at tcp:5037

  • daemon started successfully
    List of devices attached
    5a5f7acb device

Performing Streamed Install
adb: failed to run abb_exec. Error: no devices/emulators found
adb: connect error for write: no devices/emulators found

  • Starting app on attached device *

adb.exe: no devices/emulators found

Am I doing something wrong or overlooking something?
Any help would be appreciated!

Welcome to the Scripture Software community, @paulus_kieviet.

One thing to try is to unplug the USB cable to your phone and then plug it in again. Look for an Authorisation screen which asks you to confirm you want your computer to be able to communicate with the phone. Sometimes, not doing this causes the computer not to find your device.

I find it easier to copy the APK to the device and open/install it directly from the device [via USB cable] ([Then run on device] e.g. find/open it with the Files app). You will probably have to set the “Install from unknown apps” permission for the app you open it from.

Unplugging / replugging did not help.
However, I did find a workaround: put the APK file on Google Drive or Whatsapp and install it from there. (I tried Dropbox as well, but Dropbox cannot install the file, even though I turned on installation permission for Dropbox and other apps).