Install error SDK packages "No such file or directory"

I’m trying to install the packages in SAB and I keep getting the below response with none of the packages installing:

Installing Android SDK packages…

Installing build-tools…
/var/folders/cc/styxcggj2398xxk_y1l7vvmdjl7bvn/T/ line 10: ./sdkmanager: No such file or directory

Installing platform-tools…
/var/folders/cc/styxcggj2398xxk_y1l7vvmdjl7bvn/T/ line 13: ./sdkmanager: No such file or directory

Installing platform…
/var/folders/cc/styxcggj2398xxk_y1l7vvmdjl7bvn/T/ line 16: ./sdkmanager: No such file or directory

Saving session…
…copying shared history…
…saving history…truncating history files…

[Process completed]

Are you starting this from inside SAB?
Tools > Settings > Android SDK and clicking on the Install Packages … button?

I’m doing this from inside SAB. There isn’t a “Settings” under tools. This is the path I’m going to:

Scripture App Builder > Preferences > Android SDK > Install Packages… (button)

So I think you are on a Mac.

When did you download the Android Tools SDK?

We have found the most recent Command line tools only for Windows is not sufficient.
For Windows we found that this link works:
to get what SAB needs.

But we but downloading that for Mac does not even get as far as you are. So I don’t have a solution for now.

For MacOS you can get Tools version 25.2.5 here:

The newer versions are not stored at that location. Even the newest version 26.1.1 is dated Sept 2017. So 25.2.3 is dated Jan 2017.

With that I was able to download and install packages through that in SAB on a Mac. It built an app successfully.
The tools did not update, but the Build Tools, Platform tools and Platform API are all the latest.

That worked and I was able to created iOS and Android apps. Thank you!

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