Install problem

I just did a fresh install of 2.2.5 on Windows 10 with HearThisInstaller-2.2.5.exe. Something is wrong with the installer; it required the presence of HearThisInstaller-2.0.137.msi. I downloaded that package to my desktop, and it worked right, but thought you’d want to know.

That is strange. No one else has complained about this and I know some other people have installed it. Do you know if you were upgrading from 2.0.137? That’s a fairly old version, from back before the switch to using an exe-based installer. So it’s just possible that there’s something about that upgrade that required that. Maybe the cached version of the old installer had been removed and the new installer wasn’t sure how to uninstall it to make way for the new one.
Glad you were able to get around the problem. If I have a chance, or if I hear of anyone else having this problem, I’ll try to have a closer look.

That sounds about right. I went and looked in my installer archive, and there it was, 2.0.137, that I’d installed November of '19. So I think it’s exactly what you suggested. Thanks Tom.