Interactive Bible Quiz App Builder

Would like to see the feature for building “Interactive Bible Quiz App Builder” with Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) specially for the Sunday School Quiz or Bible Quiz and use the Firebase feature to update the Questions & Answer choice for offline use.

Add on features like

  1. Multi level with or without time bound.
  2. Individual Score / Score from all the user who have taken part in the Quiz.

Something to explore here would be the idea of integrating this with Scripture Forge and Transcelerator so that questions used during the Scripture checking process could be re-purposed for this kind of quiz app.

I was talking with a Bible app user today, and mentioned about the new updates coming up for SAB 7.0 and he asked - “Will it be possible to add Bible quizzes in the Bible app?”

I think that will be a good engagement feature (but will take some effort from translator/app builder).

Bloom can do quizzes, right? SAB/RAB 7.0 supports Bloom Player so it should be able to handle Bloom books with quizes.

Andrew Polk says:
Yes, Bloom Player (which is now integrated with RAB when using RAB for Bloom books) allows multiple choice quizzes (and soon other activities).
How would you envision this working? As it stands today, someone would have to create a Bloom book and add the quizzes to that book, then import it into RAB.
There really isn’t any connection between Bloom/Bloom Player/BloomReader and SAB.

For it to work, I suppose it would need to be some kind of add-on module where a SAB application would get a Bloom quiz (or a whole bunch of them) attached/embedded/appended in a way that they could be associated with particular passages. Or maybe it could just be a separate Bible Quiz app created with Bloom+RAB. Either way, though, since it currently only supports multiple choice, there would still be a fair leap from the current free-response questions in Transcelerator to multiple choice. Some of the questions would lend themselves more easily to that than others, but it would definitely depend on someone doing a fair bit of work to come up with plausible wrong answers.

Building Interactive Bible Quiz Apps Using Scripture App Builder

Richard Margetts

A future version of the Scripture App Builder software will allow you to build Android apps containing multiple choice quizzes. This presentation will show you how. The quizzes can contain text, audio and images in the questions and answers. You can display explanations (text and/or audio) for your app users when they choose a right or wrong answer. We will think together about ideas for using these new features.

Thu, January 6, 2022, 02:00 PM GMT (60 minutes) Sign Up In Progress

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Interactive Bible Quizzes could be built using Scripture App Builder versions above 9.2 (released on 10 December 2021)


  • You can create multiple-choice quizzes with questions and answers.
  • Questions and answers can be in words and/or images, with an audio recording for each.
  • Sound effects for right and wrong answers can be specified.
  • Explanations in text and audio can be given after a user taps on an answer.
  • A final score is given after the user answers all the questions.
  • For full instructions, please see the new “Creating Apps with Quizzes” manual,

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