Interface settings for installed app not using project settings

I am working on three projects that should have both English and Swahili interfaces. In the Interface tab, I’ve selected both English and Swahili, and have the following:

Screenshot 2022-07-22 104408

I’ve uninstalled, built locally, and re-installed on my phone several times, but it consistently uses English as the default install language. I’ve also set Swahili as the default language in Publishing → Google Play Store Listing.

When I check these apps in the Google Play Console, they show Swahili as the default language. But installing the app on my phone from the Play Store app installs with English.

My phone is set to English, but I’ve used the same settings with other projects, and the apps install with the default language I’ve specified (ie French).

The only way I’ve been able to get these apps to install with Swahili was to remove the English interface and rebuild the app.

Is there something I’m missing?