Intro chapter and footnotes in a Word document

I’m adding some booklets to an app using Word.
How do I define a chapter as an Introduction, so it will appear as ‘i’ instead of and before ‘1’.?
How do I add a footnotes? They are in the Word file that was given to me and they appear in the footer but they don’t appear in the app.
I can see how both of the above work in sfm, so I could export the Source and edit that and add it again, but I was wondering if there was a trick with Word.

I’m not sure if introductions work in word files. Is this a Picture Story Book? I suppose what you could try is to use Changes in SAB to replace “\p [First few words]” with “\ip [First few words]” and see what happens.

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Thanks for the suggestion.
The first line started with
\m Introduction…
so in the Changes feature I added
find: \m Introduction
replace: \ip Introduction

In the Source I ticked Show After Changes and it worked there but it did not create an Intro chapter (or make any other difference) in the app.
Did I try the right thing?
Anyone with any other ideas?

\p and \ip would indent the first line of the paragraph.
\m and \im would not.

I think your problem with chapters is the regexes seem to be applied after the chapters are processed. I think the workaround would be to fix it in the source file before adding to SAB.

Thanks Greg,
The source file is a Word document.
What can I do in Word to let SAB know that it is an intro?

Ah. It helps if I read the full conversation. You could try adding the USFM codes into the Word document and see if that helps. I’m not sure how SAB splits story books up except by possibly heading? Maybe I should exit the conversation before I lead you too far astray :slight_smile:

I’m happy to try that. In Word I added \ip at the start of the first paragraph but it just appears in the app as:
\ipپێشەکی… (the first word)
and in Source it says
\m \ipپێشەکی…
Is there something else I should try?
As for how SAB splits story books, it looks for page breaks (CTRL+Enter or Command+Enter) in the Word doc and each of those is a new chapter.
Adding pictures and creating links is so easy in Word (SAB recognises those as well), so I would prefer to stick with Word but can try converting it to sfm and editing it afterwards if needs be.