iOS app not showing search and text buttons

When testing my iOS app it, there are no search or text options buttons in the header.
They are there on my Android app and are on other iOS apps.
Does anyone know what I should do?
This is my app:

And here is an an example of an app that has it:

The Search and text size are hidden if the length of the titles and chapter number are too long to fit it. They are available in the hamburger menu.
How long is the longest book name?

It looks like 1st Kings is the longest:
یەکەم پوختەی مێژوو
Although the Glossary is a bit longer:
ڕوونکردنەوەی زاراوەکان
It happens even with the shortest books like:
Does it remove them to make space for the longest one anyway?
I chose the shorter versions when possible for the menu, ie ‘Matthew’, not ‘The Gospel according to Matthew’

We had tried many times to showing the buttons if there was space, but we got complaints each time. So we removed it from the top. It is available from the hamburger menu.

We have the sound button up there is there is audio on a chapter.