iOS apps crash upon opening using SAB 8.1, app rejected by Apple

I built an app using SAB 8.1 for macOS and when I test the app in Simulator the app crashes when I open it. I submitted the app to Apple and they rejected the app because it does the same thing on their end. I have their crashlog to send to you if you want it.

I’d like to get a copy of your project to look at the inputs to see they are all in order and then to do a test build. I’ll send more details by personal message.

You have Firebase turned on. For Android you have a google-services.json but when I switch to the iOS tab there is no GoogleService-info.plist

Can you add that and test again.

I turned off the Firebase settings and rebuilt and that loads in the simulator. So I won’t do anything more, as that seems to be the issue.

I tested on the English version.