iOS apps: Text can be copied and shared although this is turned off in SAB

We sometimes have to turn off the copying and sharing of text for a second book collection because of the licensing. However, in iOS apps the text can still be copied and shared.

Related to this: when the two book collection texts are viewed in Two-Pane, the text in the top window also controls the available options in the bottom window. So if the top text can’t be shared, the options that should be available in the bottom window don’t show either. And vice versa, if the text with the enabled sharing options is in the top window, I can also create a verse-on-image with the lower text, although that should be excluded. This is a problem on Android as well!

I have added two bugs to our list. One for the iOS only bug and a second for the dual pane view bug.

Thanks for reporting this.

Going back to the second part related to Android.
There are 5 settings in the Sharing settings if all are off then I can’t do anything with the locked text. But if any are turned on then there are some options available.

So do you have all 5 options off for the locked text?

Yes, all the options are off. This is the sequence where I can create verse-images from the locked text:

  • the unlocked text is in Single Pane
  • I switch to Two-Pane with the locked text in the bottom window
  • I first select a verse from the top window (unlocked text) > all the options are showing which is correct
  • now I leave and tap on a verse in the bottom window > all the options are showing as well which shouldn’t happen
  • I’m able to create a verse-image (and copy/share text) from the locked text

In Android I can’t reproduce this.

I have yet to test on iOS.