iOS introduction audio bug

Hello, i’m using SAB 6.2.2 and try to make an app for iOS. The problem is that when i try to download audio for the introduction, the app crashes. It crashes even if i add another source and add the audio inside the app. It offers to download file and then crashes. It is fine with the other chapters.

@servan, could you please share your project with me to make sure I am looking at the correct issue? Please share it using Google Drive or Dropbox (or some other file sharing service) and send me a link at chris_hubbard at sil dot org.

I recently found out that the iOS app didn’t play audio while the app was in the background (I assumed it did). So I added that feature along with giving feedback to iOS about the current playback state and enabling play/pause/next track/previous track. I could have made a mistake with handling audio for introductions.

I have been told that audio for introductions is difficult anyway since there is not versification so you can synchronize the audio and text. So it could be related to that as well.


Thank you Chris for help! I’ve sent you a mail.

@ChrisHubbard do you know if this can be fixed? (I work with servan on this app). By the way, in the Android apps, it’s possible to synchronize text and audio of the introduction. It can be done phrase-by-phrase. But it isn’t a priority to get it working, audio in general would be good already. Thanks!