iOS swipe direction is wrong for one swipe with RTL interface

I believe I have found a bug in the 6.0.x version of SAB. If you have your app viewing a right-to-left text, then when you swipe left-to-right the app should go to the next chapter (e.g. from chapter 4 to chapter 5). This works in general, but when the user interface is set for a RTL language, immediately after using the top controls to navigate to a book, chapter and verse, the left-to-right swipe takes you to the previous chapter. (e.g. from chapter 4 to chapter 3). Doing a second left-to-right swipe takes you to the next chapter as expected (e.g. from chapter 3 to chapter 4). So it just happens for the first swipe. The same thing happens when viewing a LTR text – the left-to-right swipe does the wrong thing the first time. A right-to-left swipe seems to be fine. When the interface is set to a LTR language, the swipes work as expected. This bug seems to be present just in iOS.

I will have @david_moore1 take a look. He was just changing that code recently.