IOS upload Errors

Dear Dep.
I got this Warning when I did upload the App:

WARNING ITMS-90176: “Unrecognized Locale - The locale names used in localization directories at ( “Payload/” ) are invalid. iTunes supports BCP47 but not the UN M.49 specification. Refer to the Language and Locale Designations guide at for more information on naming your language-specific directories.”

Please help me to fix it.
Thank you,

It looks like you provided a custom language in the Interface > Languages section of SAB. It looks like the “Language Name” or “Language Code” was named custom. Can you use a BCP47 name instead? If this is for khmer, you can try “km” in those fields.


Hello Chris,
I did already but it not work.

So you switched to use km instead of custom. When you uploaded, what is the error?