iPadOS - Is this supported with SAB currently?

As you probably know, Apple now has an OS specifically for iPads. While it is targeted for the new iPadPro devices it is compatible with many older iPads which can upgrade / install it and no longer be on iOS but instead on iPadOS. Does the current version of SAB allow installing on this new OS and if not are there plans to include it in SAB?

Here is a list of iPads it is compatible with …

• NEW: 10.2in iPad
• 12.9-inch iPad Pro
• 11-inch iPad Pro
• 10.5-inch iPad Pro
• 9.7-inch iPad Pro
• iPad (6th generation)
• iPad (5th generation)
• iPad mini (5th generation)
• iPad mini 4
• iPad Air (3rd generation)
• iPad Air 2

Really would like to better understand this in relation to SAB and publishing SAB apps.

iPadOS is really just a marketing name. It is still iOS under the covers and doesn’t affect development of apps. You can create on iOS app and it will work on iPhones (iOS) or iPads (iPadOS).

The good thing about Apple having a separate marketing name is that it is more likely that iPad will get attention every year with updates instead of every other year which has been the case for a while.