Is it possible to add an image to introduction?

My colleague wants to put book cover image on introduction.
It’s not a separate book or page in PT or SAB.
Has anyone tried this before?
\fig or \img doesn’t seem working here.
Your input would be much appreciated.

If you are talking about putting an image on the About page, I know this is an issue in Dictionary App Builder:

So it may be an issue in SAB as well.

If you are talking about adding an image into an introduction text file, then I have been able to do that, for example at the end of the second introduction (the OT intro) in this app:

Using the following code:

\id INT2 - Chadian Arabic Bible RS
\mt1 Al-Ahad al-Gadiim
\is Mugaddima
\ip Min al-bidaaya, ...
\fig |Hebrew plate.png||\fig*

The intros need to support more than just USFM markers that start with \i.

Everything between \mt1 or \mt2 and \c 1 should probably be handled as intro content.

Thanks for the replies.
I have added \fig |src=“cover.jpg” size=“col” ref=“1:0”\fig*
I also changed image file since it didn’t work at first.
Now it’s working. I can see the image in the introduction on my app.

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