Is there a way to omit the captions?

Hi everybody. We’re wanting to check to see if it is clear what is happening in the illustrations that we’ve chosen. Is there a way to product booklets without the captions? (I see how I can omit references, but I’m not seeing a way to omit the captions.)

Thanks so much.


Update: my solution for the time being is to set the font color to white. It worked! I’d still be interested to learn any other solutions.

I like the creativity! A great workable solution.

I almost sent you a RegEx PrintDraftChanges rule to strip out the captions, but then realized that it wouldn’t work because we build the PicList from the text beforehand (and the captions get captured at that point).

If there are others who think this is a useful feature (to temporarily print pictures without captions, then we could make it a feature).

Thanks, Mark, for thinking of how to help.

SO thankful for PTX Print! In this month alone we will have printed the entire NT (in 8 booklets) for final read-through sessions in 4 diocese! If the development team needs any pictures for reports or donors or anything, let me know!

I see four options…

  1. print the captions in white, as you’ve done. Advantage: turning on / off captions makes no difference to layout
  2. remove captions from the piclist. A bit drastic, perhaps, and not exactly an ‘off’ switch.
  3. (in a context where @ is a letter) \def\doc@ption{} This replaces the bit of code that does the captions with a bit of ‘code’ that does nothing. Disadvantage: no space reserved for caption
  4. We add a new control, e.g. \NoCaptionstrue. (easier than 3, but with its disadvantage).