[Issue] ITMS-90807: Invalid entitlement

Dear Developer,

We identified one or more issues with a recent submission for TestFlight review for your app, “zzzzz” 1.6.34 (30). Please correct the following issues, then upload again.

ITMS-90807: Invalid entitlement - The com.apple.developer.user-fonts is valid only for apps build with SDK 13 or later.

Best regards,

The App Store Team

how to fix it?
I only use two fonts: CharisSILCyrE-R.ttf & CharisSILCyrE-B.ttf
remove them?


  1. Create app (builded from SAB)
  2. (01:10) Upload to app store with Apple “Transporter”, this is new app for upload IPA (before was ? other uploader from Apple, but “transporter” is nice look)
  3. (03:44) App ready for TestFlight
  • I can install build to iOS device from TestFlight
  1. (11:36) has one or more issues (email above)

I’ve repeated this process three times.
Each time check that all is updated (except first time), i check version of SAB/FastLane/X-Code and each time 10 hrs later (after upload) app was removed from TestFlight.


We are preparing SAB 6.2 and will be updating to Xcode 11 and building with SDK for iOS 13. I hope that this will resolve this issue. We should have a beta build of SAB 6.2 that we can share with you in a day or two.


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Thank you Chris.
I can wait standard releases time, no rush.

@leonid, SAB 6.2 is available. After talking with David about this, does your App Identifier in the Apple Developer Portal include the Fonts capabilities?


If so, you can remove that. That capability is only needed when sharing fonts with other apps on the device (and only relevant when built with iOS 13). We are not doing this yet.