Issues with SAB 4.0

I just installed the SAB 4.0 for Mac. My Mac is OS Sierra 10.12.4. I have a few problems.

  1. New iOS build from 4.0 fails to open on my iPhone 7 Plus. I installed the build vis iTunes, but clicking on the icon meets a crash after 1-2 seconds. The build opens up on Simulator, though.
  2. Translating the Interface language under Custom extremely slows down the program.
  3. Installing on Android device asks for permission to make SAB make calls. I have never seen this before in the previous versions. Is this something new?

I wonder if someone else has the same problems.


I just tested SAB 4.0 on OS Sierra 10.12.6

  1. I got it to work on iPhone 6S. I’m using Apploader and then the Testflight app to install on the device, had similar problem that the App crashed when used my iPhone connected to iTunes via a cable.

  2. Also noticed that the Custom menu under Interface language seams to hang. I ended up using the export function and edited the file in a text editor.

I also found that the string “Settings_Category_General” was displayed as the Title for the “Settings”, I added this string and translations to the file, but the Custome menu still seams to have som problems.

  1. Have not tested the Android version yet.

  2. A much BIGGER PROBLEM is that the App is NOT APPROVED to be published in the App Store, earlier this week the built by 3.5 was rejected and yesterday the build with 4.0 also. I will create a own post for this issue.

We think we have found the reason for the crash on startup. There will likely be a 4.0.1 version later this week.

@Bayar_Garam, I have some questions about your issues:

  1. When you say that it slows down the program, the iOS app or the macOS desktop app?
  2. Can you explain more about permissions and what you were doing in the app when it requested permissions? With SAB 4.0, we are now building against a newer Android SDK which requires that permission from the user be requested before doing some actions.


Hi Chris,

  1. The slowing down occurs inside SAB installed on a desktop. I was trying to translate the Interface into Mongolian under ‘Custom’ language.
  2. The permission that asked to make a call occurred right at the beginning of the installation on Android phone.

Thanks for your work on SAB.


Could you share your project with me so I can try to reproduce the slow down (and see the permission)? Please zip up the project folder in $HOME/App Builder/Scripture Apps/App Projects/{PROJECT_NAME} and copy to Dropbox or Google Drive and share with me?


Yes, me too. I have reported this as a bug and they are fixing it. Android is fine, though.

Hi Chris,

here is the folder:

I tried to send it earlier, but did not seem to work. So I am trying again.


Bayar, it looks as if you are using one of the options in the app to restrict its use to certain known users. You have specified the numbers of their devices. For this, the app needs the ‘Read Phone State’ permission in order to read and verify this information when it launches.

In Android 6.0 and above, the permissions model has changed. Android apps are now required to display a message asking the user for permission the first time such a permission is needed, e.g. when needing to access external storage for the first time. Once the permission has been granted, it will not be asked for again. This is instead of presenting the user with a list of permissions to accept when the app is downloaded.

Hi Richard,

Thank you very much for looking into the issue. That’s quite surprising that I put such restriction. I did not do it knowingly. I ran a new build yesterday using the new version 4.1 and it did not ask for such a permission. So, maybe it was something in the version 4.0.