Keep Screen on [enabled by default]


I have received some feedback that the screen would turn off after a moment when user were reading. Users are not realising this was in the settings menu.

Will it be possible to enable this feature ‘Keep screen on’ by default?


On all my builds the keep screen on is the default setting. But you can turn it off. Most reading apps have keep screen on by default.

The setting is under Features [Settings tab] User Interface / Keep screen on.


Interesting, mine is also turned on in SAB, but it is not enabled by default on my phone when I download it. Is there a way to make it enabled by default on all android? Could that be a bug?

Yes that sounds like a bug. I’ll put it in the bug list.

I forgot to say I had the same on a recent app that I made.

Will this be fixed in SAB 4.5?


I don’t see it in the release notes.

You mean the future release notes?

Yes I have access to the release notes before the release.

In SAB 4.5, when you create a new project the feature “Keep screen on” is enabled by default (so that it is visible to the user in the app to change). When the app runs, the value of the setting is off. The user would have to turn on the feature to enable it.

Are you asking: if the feature is enabled to be visible by the user that the value for the setting should be on as well (when the app first runs on the device)?


Yes, Can we make it true (on) by default, most people would not think this is something that can be done in settings. Most bible app I am using have this feature enabled by default.

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