Keyboards not working (SAB 5.4)

So, I added a couple of KMP keyboards into an app. They are Cameroon language keyboards - one in qwerty format (English) and the other in azerty format (French). After building the app, it crashed on startup (every time). I removed one of the added keyboards and built the app. Now the app starts up fine, but the added keyboard doesn’t display when I type in search words. And if I go out of the app and click on the app icon to return to the idling app, the app immediately crashes. I have the same results on both Android 6.0 and 5.1 phones.

I’ve now tried adding keyboards to a couple of different SAB projects and I get the same results.

I have also tried an Amharic KMP keyboard, just to see if perhaps there was a problem with the Cameroon KMP files. The Amharic one reacts the same.

Here is a screenshot showing the default parameters for a keyboard I have added in (I don’t know if this is of any help in troubleshooting the issue):

Honestly, I’m not sure if it is a bug, or if I’m somehow missing a step in adding keyboards properly into an app. There doesn’t seem to be any documentation on this yet in the ‘Building Apps’ PDF. I know that the KMP keyboard import is a very new feature.

By the way, thank you for adding this feature in! It’s going to be great to get these keyboards into my apps.

Yes this is a bug. One keyboard is okay but two or more cause the app to crash.

Thanks @mcquayi. When you test it are you able to make any KMP keyboard to work at all? With only one KMP keyboard in a project, it doesn’t work at all for me - only the Android OS default keyboard appears.