Keyman kybrd special characters missing?

Added keyboard from keyman website, selected language, keyboard font, tried default, Charis SIL (Africa subset and full) but when using app to make notes and to search, the special keys needed for language are not there, when i press and hold the key. I see some special characters, but not the ones I need. Using SAB 8.6.6. Any ideas? Thanks

Greetings from Cameroon. I use the Africa subsets for my apps, and a Keyman Keyboard. I have so many questions. :slight_smile:

  • Can you please add a screenshot of what you see?
  • What version of Android are you using?
  • What keyboard are you using?
  • Did you embed the keyboard into the Scripture App, or just install it on the phone?
  • Can you use the Keyman keyboard in a browser, Facebook, Gmail, etc.

If the button exists in SAB, but is empty [ ], that may be font related. If the button doesn’t exist, as you say, that may be a SAB configuration issue.

My best theory, based on you description, is that the keyboard works in the Keyman app, but is not yet activated system-wide in your security settings (and you are seeing a system keyboard instead in SAB).

Hi all,

Found the solution. It was not enough to add the MT keyboard from Keyman in Fonts, but also needed is to go to Books, to the MT Bible, under Styles, then Keyboard. It is working now.

Thanks all

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