Keystore forgotten password

I don’t remember my keystore passwords, so I created a new keystore and built the app successfully.

However, uploading the APK to google playstore, the app was rejected because the keystore was different from the APK I am updating.

Is there a way to recover a forgotten password for the keystore?

The point of the keystore is to keep the app from being hijacked by someone else.

You now qualify as someone else.

If you change the Package name you can use a different keystore. But I don’t have experience with Playstore to know how that will work out.

I don’t know of a way to get the password back.

I have dozens of passwords that I commit to a Password database. Then I only need to remember one password.

I ran into this and found a workaround. If you look in a copy of your appDef (in a text editor) from when you had it working before you replaced it with the new keystore, in the signing section you will see an obfuscated password and alias. Grab those and put them in your appdef and point it to the old keystore and it will work.

Another option I have read about but not done is to get Google to reset the keystore. Go to this link:

And tell them what happened - choose something like these options on that page:

I have read that they get back to you pretty quickly on this - 48 hrs.

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