Label Books and Chapter Boxes for HearThis Desktop

We just started using the HearThis Android app and it works quite well. I really like the feature that shows labels for books and chapters.

Could those labels also be added to the HearThis Desktop application? Something like this would be very helpful for navigating quickly, easily, and accurately. It currently is quite difficult to see at a glance which book/chapter I am selecting:


Extrapolate this difficulty to low-literacy, low computer skill nationals that this application is targeted to and it presents even more difficulty for them.

Here’s an example of what it could look like:


When I compare the version without labels to the version with labels, it seems to make a big difference in ease of use. In my office the other day, an expat translator also expressed a desire to have the labels.

Thank you for considering,


This is now available as an option (off by default) in version 2.0.104 or later. Download.