Landmine to watch out for using Adj List

Today I was tweaking the page breaks using the Adj List. I switched books. Sometimes it shows the new book, and sometimes you have to hit refresh. I was asleep at the switch and just focused on the numbers, not realizing it had not switched books. I made an adjustment and hit print. It overwrote the adjustments for the book I was trying to work on with all the adjustments for the book that was left over because of not refreshing. Mostly operator error, but it would be nice if that hazard could be taken out.

Thanks @LorenHawthorne for highlighting the danger of this auto-save “feature”. You’re the 3rd person (including myself) that I am aware of that has hit this landmine. We’ll go away and think about how not to trip up users in future. There’s a fine balance between pestering users with a “Do you want to save?” message every time they hit print and autosaving (on the assumption that what is in that window is what they want to be saved). Hopefully there’s a happy compromise somewhere – probably when they change books, to ask about saving the current contents before switching, and then making sure we refresh the contents to the new book right away.

BTW - one of my tips is to regularly create an Archive (.zip) file which contains all these settings files. So if something does get accidentally overwritten, or deleted, it is easy to open the .zip file and retrieve an earlier version.

Thanks for the quick response. I really like PTXprint. It is a complex enough task that there are bound to be a few things that don’t happen as we would want, but over-all, the program is great. I am working through a moderately large number of New Testaments that need to be reformatted for online posting.

Landmine has been cleared in ver 2.2.5, and the View/Edit window should behave more predictably with a few more visual clues as to when something hasn’t been saved. It also warns you to save your changes if you navigate away from a particular tab.
[Note that hitting the Print button will automatically save the currently viewed file anyway, so the new behavior shouldn’t affect that; but will help keep things in order when switching tabs or changing books.]

Thanks, Mark. I have installed the new version, but haven’t had time to work with it very much yet.