Last chapter of glossary is empty

Hello. We use SAB to build bible app which has a glossary file. Since release 4.6.1 we have an issue with glossary. In the SAB’s viewer window glossary is fully appeared. But it isn’t same after build, glossary’s last chapter appears empty. And it’s same in release 4.7

Thanks for noting the versions that the issue is in that is good to know.

It would be good if we can get your project and a copy of the app. We’d like to just check the source text to make sure there is no issues there.

I’ll send you a separate message giving you details of my email.

Just another report of this same issue - except in my case it is affecting every book of the bible with more than one chapter.

This regression seems to have been introduced in version 4.6 (The problem is not present in 4.5). I am using the Mac version.

I can send through the project files etc. if that would help.

Background - I’m an experienced software developer but not very familiar with SIL tools and formats. The translator sends me the source files in SFM format and I import it into SAB. I suspect the SFM files are a bit unusual because I have to fix up all the titles (using a sed script). I can explain further if this is relevant.

The issue still remains. I work with Oyuntugs who commented first on this thread. I am using SAB 6.1 and the Mac version.


I can’t check back far enough to see if he sent me his project. I certainly can’t remember that far back.

It is possible to get this happen if you have a wrong SFM marker in the header (the part before \c 1) of the SFM.

Could you write me a Personal Message (Click on my Icon and select message) and include the first part of your GLO book?

I think I found the problem. As you suggested I looked for SFM marker errors and there was one highlighted in red and used in all chapters of Glossary. I removed all of it and run a new build in Simulator. Now it is working. I hope it will do so on real phones.