Latest SAB v 8.6.4 (30 Apri) after update all my settings gone

This morning I did an update within Wasta linux and SAB v8.6.4 came through and after it installed all my app settings (ie: books) and files and recordings and timings ares gone within the SAB. My App Builder director within Linux is there with the scripture and recrodings and times but nothing is showing within the SAB. What must I do to restore them again. I’ve done a lot of work in my app I don’t want to loose it. It would be number of months worth over the years.

Normally after an update all my app settings are there with my files

Stephen, yes, normally after an update everything should be as before. Maybe a previous version did not shut down well and the settings file was not saved properly.

If your App Builder projects folder is still there, try clicking File > Open Multiple… within SAB. You should see a list of the available projects. Select the projects you want to open.

Yes I open the project within SAB, but now within the different categories ie: App, Publishing etc down to Contents Menu and Books each category is empty like it was a new project/app. I use to have on my new computer in SAB (v 8.6.3) all the NT plus Genesis and Exodus in the books category plus the recordings for every book with their timings but now on it with the new version of SAB (v 8.6.4) I have nothing.

I had a backup from Friday 30th Apr of my App Builder folder which was sitting on my home directory within Wasta Linux on my new computer. When I copied my back up onto my old computer and opened SAB (v 8.6.3 Build Release 1 Mar 31 2021) everything was there the books including the new timings of the audio and the text for the New Testament (which I had finished on Friday afternoon). I copied this backup to my new computer but it didn’t change anything. It still didn’t work.

Is there any settings files I have to copy to fix up anything that might have been corrupted on my new computer if so where?

There is something that changed between 8.6.3 and 8.6.4 which might be causing the problem. Two deprecated analytics providers were removed (the old Google Analytics and Amazon Analytics). Is there any chance that you were using either of these?

Probably. set it up initially and then I took over a few years ago. Is there a possibly that I can uninstall 8.6.4 and reinstall 8.6.3. I’ve been redoing the timings in all our scriptures and about to release a new app. This version is probably the one which we will use to do a printed publication. I had finished the timings for 2 Corintians having done Genesis, Exodus, Gospels, Acts, Romans and 1st Corintians. I was hoping to finish the rest of the NT in the next 2 weeks and then pass the new apk to Kalaam to upload to Google Play

Hi Richard,
I just wanted to confirm that I’m having the exact same problem. In my case it is with an app that I’m helping to update, and yes, it does have an old deprecated Google analytics account which I left in (along with adding Firebase and FCBH analytics to it). I have uninstalled this current version and reinstalled 8.6.3 (where everything again shows up properly. I am going to try deleting that deprecated account and then save the app, and then uninstall 8.6.3 and reinstall the current version. We’ll see if this fixes this problem. Will let you know (because for me, I’m stuck at the moment - Scriptoria still thinks I’m using 8.6.4 and is rejecting all my submissions to the Google Play Store with a console error that stuff is missing). Thanks for your support!

It is now working as it should. The problem was the deprecated Google analytics which needed to be deleted from the build. So, the steps I followed was to:
Uninstall 8.6.4
Reinstall 8.6.3 (now everything will show up again properly)
Delete the deprecated Google analytics account
Save the build
Uninstall 8.6.3
Reinstall 8.6.4 (now everything will show up properly in this new version)
Thanks again support team!

Thank you for confirming this, Jon. We will release a fix to resolve this in case anyone else has deprecated Analytics in their project.

This issue has been resolved in SAB 8.6.5, released today.

Thanks for the hard work sorry I didn’t say it earlier.