Learn English app

So a colleague of mine would like to make an English language learning app that uses Bible stories. Easy English Bible are allowing us to use their translation, and we would put local language equivalents there. Hopefully we’ll have English audio too. How would I use SAB or RAB to set it up so that there are 2 screens, top with English, bottom with the local language, for just a few Bible stories? It’s easy to do if you load up whole books but for stories I’m struggling.

I’m the developer of https://hebrew.bibleling.org. You can see the very basic functionality that exists there, and there is more that isn’t exposed. What you see online is also capable of being packaged into a mobile app where lessons can be downloaded and used offline.

This is a work in progress app and we’re currently implementing more functionality. We’re moving slowly as it is a project that I work on in my spare time, but stories with pictures, audio and text are definitely on the roadmap. We’re also planing to implement the ability to click/hover over a word to get it’s full parsing with a short definition.

Our primary focus is Biblical languages, but there isn’t any reason it couldn’t do other languages as well. Building the mobile app is probably outside the capability of anyone other than a developer, but I’d be willing to work with you. We’re hoping to open source the code at some point, but haven’t gotten to that point quite yet. There exists an Admin UI for building the lessons and creating the content, that is fairly user-friendly.

Send me a private message if you’re interested in discussing things further.

Thanks! I’ve had a look - I like it! As you say, quite simple. Do you have an Android app too?


You can do things like the training sequence with SAB.
If you look at these videos it will show you a way to do a quiz: https://bit.ly/RABtutorials In particular Using Audio clips in RAB.

I’d use SFM to start with but if you don’t know any USFM then start in Word. I would expect one audio file per page is what you want.