%<letter> variables missing from Chinese translation/localization/localisation

Some of the interface strings have a variable in them, so that a number or other data can be added, in the correct place, to the string. The variable is in the format used by the programming language C, e.g. Search_Number_Found in English is “Found: %,d”.

But for the Chinese localisation, these variable are missing in every case (for every string that has a variable).

Please, someone correct this.

BTW, is this the best place to report bugs like this, or is there an official bug-tracking system for SAB?

The Bug reporting goes here: https://software.sil.org/scriptureappbuilder/support/
Though I do try and watch both places.

Feature requests should come here and not there.

So what is your suggested fix for the Chinese in each case?

I see what you mean:

$ Search_Number_Found
en: Found: %,d
fr: Nombre : %,d
es: Encontrados: %,d
pt: Encontrado: %,d
ru: Найдено: %,d
uk: Знайдено: %,d
tr: Bulundu: %,d
id: Ditemukan: %,d
zh: 找到
hin: मिला:%, डी
mal: %,d ഇടങ്ങളില്‍ കണ്ടെത്തി
vi: Đã tìm: %,d
fa: %,d پیدا شد
de: Gefunden: %,d

@mcquayi, looks like Hindi might be wrong as well with %, instead of %,d.

@WDavidHJ, can you (or someone you know) provide the corrections? If so do the following:

  1. go to the Interface => Translations page
  2. export the text
  3. make the changes
  4. save to Google Drive, Dropbox, or Github Gists (or some file sharing service that can be given public access) and get the url
  5. create a support request asking to update the language and provide the url