Line Breaks in the Middle of Words

I’m not sure if this is an issue with all Indic fonts, but both the iPhone and Android apps are breaking the line in the middle of words

This is complex.

In you Interface where you set up your language you for the language code:
Enter your Language Name:
Enter your Language code:
This is usually your three letter ISO language code. But in this case use this format:
Replace the letters iso with your 3 letter ISO code. Look up in the if you don’t know what it is.
Text font should be font1 that is defined in your Fonts section and is the font used in the app to display the text.

For your language you should also use the Crosswalk that is found in Fonts > Font Handling tab. This will make the app bigger but it should display better.

Let us know how that goes.

Thank you for your suggestions. I believe I’ve made the changes you suggested, but the problem persists

I was consulting an expert and did not get it all correct.

  • Click on Styles
  • Then Test Styles
  • Then body
  • Click on the CSS tab.
  • Add the following line after the last semicolon:
lang: krr-u-lb-nodict;

You can change your Interface language code back to krr

Let us know how it goes. Others may be following with interest.

If that does not work, I’ll ask you to share some of your text by private message. Then I can test.

Thank you again for your help with this
I believe I’ve followed the instructions correctly, but the problem still persists. Please double-check from my screen shot if I’ve added the style information in the correct location.

I also reverted the interface language to just krr as directed

Can you confirm that Crosswalk is enabled?

Yes it is enabled, but I’m primarily testing this on the iPhone which as I understand it doesn’t use the Crosswalk viewer anyhow.

Yes those instructions were for Crosswalk. iOS is another animal. @ChrisHubbard any thoughts?

We can’t do crosswalk on iOS. @bkane, which types of phones will the intended users be using? If they will most likely be Android users then you should be testing with Android. You can purchase an inexpensive device for testing. There are emulators that you can use, but it is best to use a device similar to the ones that will be used by the intended users.


Thank you @ChrisHubbard . The iPhone is one of the target devices. Is crosswalk the only solution for solving this bug?
I’ve not yet tested the crosswalk build on an Android device, but will report back whether the bug persists with crosswalk after testing