Line spacing between stanzas in Psalms

I have been asked about the line spacing in Psalms.
In the SFM files there is:
para style=“b” />
between Ps 91: 2-3
This creates a space in YouVersion:

but not in an SAB app:

It is not very important but it would be nice if this was implemented. Am I missing something or does SAB not do this (yet)?

I just did a test with \b and they are showing up fine for me in SAB.

What do you have for your div.b style?
Mine is:

div.b	Blank Line	padding-top: 0px; line-height: 60%; 

That is what I have, I’m guessing it is the default.
I checked in the main Styles tab and in the book collection.

It could be the way your font handles line spacing. Try increasing the line height or the padding.

Before you do that, right-click the book and export to HTML.

Once it is open in your browser, view the source code or open the file in a text editor and find the relevant verse. See if there is line of code with a blank line or “b” class where the blank line should be.

<div class="q">Alles wat hy aanpak, gedy.</div>
<div class="b">&nbsp;</div><span id="bookmarks3"></span><span id="bookmarks3"></span><a id="v4"></a>
<div class="q-v"><span class="v">4</span><span class="vsp">&nbsp;</span>So is die goddeloses nie;</div>

Thanks for that suggestion.
I already have the html export on a website so had a look at the source:
زەبوورەکان 91 (
There is no “b” class.

Then it looks like there is no \b (or blank line) in your source document, or it is getting removed with changes (regex).

Not all translations are alike. Blank lines are added at the discretion of the translator to create paragraphs or stanzas. Paragraphs, punctuation, chapter numbers and verses (in today’s usage) never existed in the original text.

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Hi Greg, I have dug a bit deeper and am even more confused.
It was the translator who asked about it because he did put the \b into Paratext.
When I look in SAB’s Viewer for the Kurdish there is a \b line.
Screenshot 2021-07-16 at 12.47.11
But in the .usx file I don’t see it.
Screenshot 2021-07-16 at 12.50.31
However for the English (NIV) It is in the .usx and in SAB’s Source viewer, but is not in the .html source. It does not display a blank line in the Viewer, the browser, or in the app.

Ah. I am familiar with .SFM, not .SFX.
If it is in the source but not in the HTML export, then SAB is probably removing it when converting from USX to HTML. This looks like an error that needs fixing in SAB.

I am trying to add books using USFX zipped files from without success.

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Thank you, Craig, for bringing this to our attention. Yes, blank lines in USX were being ignored, and I am surprised that no one has noticed this before! This has now been fixed for the next version of Scripture App Builder.

I am trying to add books using USFX zipped files from without success.

Greg, please can you provide some more information on this problem. Thanks.

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Hi @richard
With the AfDS’21 training the text samples included from

I presumed the USFX file from there ( would contain SFX files and import in a similar way. It does not.

engwmbb_usfx.xml contains the text.

Adding the ZIP file with Add Books doesn’t load any books.

@GregAshleyCooper, if you are using, you need to download the USFM files, not USFX.

Scripture App Builder supports both USFM and USX (the approved Paratext/DBL formats), but it does not support USFX (which is not the same as USX). More information can be found here: Unified Scripture Format XML (USFX)

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