Line spacing in the Pull down Menu & in the Scripture books

  1. Currently on my app when I touch the “pull down menu” for the books that are on my app it gives me a list of Old Testament & New Testament books, the videos and the songs. However the line spacing that is being used for my Tibetan script isn’t big enough. The Tibetan font shows the vowels above and below the consonants. The vowels above the consonants are easily seen in the menu but the ones that are below the consonants are chopped off. Sometimes a half of it is chopped off, sometimes most of it. How can I adjust the line spacing in this pull down contents menu listing so that it shows all of the Tibetan word correctly?

  2. I need to know how to set up the app that will have line spacing in the text of the scriptures to be 1.91 between each line as the default value when it installs on any Android phone and when the owner of the phone opens it up for the first time?

I did a quick search on the community pages and found this article.
Have a look at the UI styles it mentions and see if that might work for you.

Thanks. Yesterday I was playing around with the settings (I had a friends settings who also translates into Tibetan and had the same issues) and I fixed my problems. Thanks for your tip to look at the article

A quick fix. Just manually add a line break wherever it’s necessary. I did this in all my Bible apps and songbook apps and the output is great. You’ll be in total control of your app display

Thanks I will try it