Link to audio files within app to choose add/remove songs

I’m looking to create an app for a dramatised recording which includes songs at different verses within the chapters, but wondering if it’s possible to have it optional as to whether those songs play or not? It would also be good to be able to choose to listen to just the songs separately. I know the easiest way would be to create 3 different collections - one collection for the full dramatised version, one for the version minus songs, and one for just the songs. But I presume that would make the app size much larger because the audio files would need to be included in full for each version? What I’m imagining is a way to only need to include in the app: 1. the audio (minus songs), and 2. the songs separately. That would significantly reduce the file size. For this to work there would need to be a way to tell SAB for the dramatised version that e.g. "Once you get to chapter 18 v4, call up and play song 3, then continue with v5 until you get to verse 15 then call up and play song 4… etc. Is this possible?

I don’t have time to test this, as I am doing ‘back from vacation’ catchup.

I’d just have the body text audio for the synced audio. But in C18 v4 have a markdown link to the song audio file.

end of v4 text. [listen to song X](songx.mp3)

The down side is the person needs to stop the Synced audio. then click the link “listen to song X”. This is using the Audio Clip feature that is meant for short audio not songs. There is no audio controls to stop the playback. You have to wait for the end of the song.

Thanks for the suggestion. As you say, it has a number of limitations, and seemingly it can only be mp3 files and not the smaller .webm, which might end up being self-defeating. Your suggestion did give me the idea of putting the link in a glossary pop-up. That has the advantage of being able to show the song words too. To do that I put e.g. \w song1\w* in the main text and had a corresponding GLO file with \k song1 \k* followed by the markup [listen to song 1](song1.mp3) . Does any markdown exist to stop the playback? If so in the popup “stop song 1” could be the visible text, and clicking it would stop it. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem possible to have 2 different glossaries, so this would remove the possibility to use a normal word glossary.

I like your creative work around ideas.

Have you tested the Markdown in the Glossary, then how that works in the popup? I recall someone else trying something similar and it not working in the popup. But if you touch the icon to go to the GLO entry itself then the Markdown link should work and you would have more of the song words to see.

Here’s a mockup of what I’ve got at the moment, touching the first “song 1” in the text brings up the pop-up with the song words (that can be scrolled). Pressing the “listen to song 1” then starts playing it. I was hoping there might be a markdown possibility for the “stop song 1”, but that doesn’t seem possible.

So it is all working with the Markdown in the Glossary?

If you want a URL that stops song playback then put in a new post write up a SAB Feature Request. Others may want to vote on that idea.