Link to other book of front matter or backmatter etc

I am writing front matter book(lets) and then want user to be able to jump to an other front matter or back matter book or a certain scripture passage in a bible book. This had probably already been answered in the community somewhere, but I can not find it.
So I write the idea is I write a few lines in the introduction and then i say … read more here … This should then be clickable and lead to the book or passage.
It is probably too much to ask also a possibility to jump back to where you came from but that could easily be realized by swipe back on the screen
See forward to advice!

Please check out the ideas in this other thread - those are brand new, so I would love to hear back, if this might help you:

SAB supports some hyper linking to other books.

\p See this [link](GLO.4.6) in the Glossary

This uses Markdown hyperlinking markup not USFM markup.
But your target book must have Chapter and Verses.

  • GLO is the Book ID. It does not have to be only Paratext known books
  • A period follows the book ID
  • 4 is the chapter number
  • A period follows the chapter number
  • 6 is the verse number. In styling justhat book you may need to make the point size of the book 0pt so it does not show.

The link will show a popup but with the option of jumping to that book.

We are having a problem with the links not working in the app.

We have successfully added links to a map reference using changes:

(🌐 (\d+))



We add the text file (MAP.SFM):

\id MAP
\toc1 Kaarte
\toc2 Kaarte
\toc3 Krt
\c 1
\v 1
\m \fig K01.jpg \fig*
\c 2
\v 1
\m \fig K02.jpg \fig*
... etc.

and images.

This works just fine in the HTML:

which takes you to

as expected.

The problem is that the links don’t work in the app.

Tapping the link does nothing.

It looks like my issue is specific to none-reference links (links to GLO or in my case to MAP) inside of footnotes.

The footnote pop-up displays footnote and the link, but the pop-up content doesn’t change to the linked content.

Outside of a footnote, the link works fine as a pop-up.

No, I can’t move these to outside the footnote - :slightly_smiling_face:

Changing Features > References > From link in popup
to Display in the main viewer does not fix this.

Probably because it is not a reference.

Have you tried to use an \xt type reference in the Footnote. I have not tried it. Just a suggestion.

Thanks for the suggestion @mcquayi.

  • How would that look? Would this work:
🌐 \xt kaarte 2\xt*
  • Or can I combine the \xt and markdown?

Visually this

:globe_with_meridians: 2

might become this

:globe_with_meridians: kaarte 2

  • Will SAB know to link this to the MAP book which has the Book Name Kaarte?
    (Kaarte is plural. How would I get kaart to work?)


\xt 🌐 2|Kaarte 2\xt*

renders as

:globe_with_meridians: 2|Kaarte 2

instead of

:globe_with_meridians: 2

Hopefully \xt attributes (USFM 3.0 ) will be supported in the near future.