Linking /Jumping from one Scripture App to Another

Is there a way to link from one Scripture app (e.g., the New Testament) to another (e.g., the Old Testament)? Does the jmp command do that? If not, it would be useful as a way to keep app size smaller when we have lots of audio by separating the Scripture into two or more apps.

You should be able to use Deep Linking to do that. I have not tested it but it should work. If you put the link in link words to GEN 15

I was thinking about this as I am working on a Q&A app with Reading App Builder. I would like it to link into the Bible app easily. I will share any insights I have on this thread.

Thank you, Craig. I’ll be very interested in anything you discover about how to make this work. I did try with deep linking a while back but was not successful (yet).