Linking of SAB/RAB/DAB with Android Emulator

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There are different kinds of emulator available, with those we can check/test before building the app. Through this process developer can easily and quickly test the final version before build.

Though there is an option of installing app on connected device, but for that we have to build app first, but if the emulator is there, developer can test their apps quickly.

Is there any option available or can it be made available in next version of SAB/RAB/DAB?

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I use NOX emulator. Once I build the apk file locally, I tap on the file to open it in NOX for texting. This testing is necessary and also allows you to create the 2-8 screen shots that will be required to upload the apk file into the Google Play Store. NOX enables you to easily take screen shots to use in this process.
What other emulators might others recommend?

**** as with all downloaded software, be careful with NOX install that you do not inadvertently install other potentially bundled software.

@Raja_Sand you have to build in order to test the app. I find building and installing on my phone via USB to be the fastest testing that I can do.

If I use an emulator I use NOX. Though I hate the adds I have to see as it starts.

The App builder team will not build in a pre-build emulator. That is a mountain of work that would be of questionable value.

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Thanks Dear @mcquayi for a good response.