Links not work after making pages in glossary!

Are there any methods for the following problems? @mcquayi

  1. The links between the main or source text and glossary not work after putting pages in glossary. Please method?
  2. How to insert images in glossary?
  3. Can I do one glossary for multipole book collections?
    Thank you very much.

Perhaps I can give you some help…

  1. Are the glossary words in the text marked like this:
    and the same words in the glossary like this:
    Then it should work. Just make sure that the glossary words are not turned off in the app.
    If this is enabled in SAB:
    Then the user can turn the marking of the glossary words off in the Settings of an app. But normally, it should be on by default.

  2. To insert images in the glossary should be possible. You can read about it in the SAB Help document “Building Apps” on page 19 chapter 4.4. How can I include pictures in my apps? Method 1: Specify the image filenames within the Paratext USFM or USX files

Basically, you have to use the format

in the glossary and you add your image separately to SAB > Media > Illustrations.

  1. No, I don’t think you can do that, at least not with the standard formatting for glossaries (see above). If you were to add all the glossary words for all the book collections into one glossary file, you would have to add this glossary file in SAB three times, for each collection. To create links from one book collection to another you would need to use markdown format. Perhaps you can search in other posts how it works but it’s a totally different way of marking the glossary words.

Thank you Sir for your answers. About the link, it works usually but i mean is that when I put pages in one glossary file, the links do not work as usual. So, I need a method for this matter.

You are welcome. Do you mean when you add chapters? You need to use the \c marker not the \page marker. Alternatively, you could use the \c marker followed by the \cp marker which will show the chapters as the letters of the alphabet in your book selector.


I suppose I would need to see your file and test it. If you want you could send a private message to me with a link to download the file or with screenshot images.