Lists of cross-references "The Works" from BibleWorks

I am hoping someone on this list is able to tell me more about a couple of .xrf files that have extensive cross-references in them which I hope we would be able to “ship” with PTXprint in future. It is clear that at some point someone has adapted/adopted them from BibleWorks, but other than that I don’t recall where they came from, or how shareable they might be.

  1. The_Works_nt_ot.xrf has a ‘copyright’ statement at the top of the file, but no other license information.
Copyright = The Works cross-references list for OT and NT, based on the BibleWorks consolidated master xref list.
GEN.1:1 {HEB.11:3 JOB.38:4 ISA.42:5 JHN.1:1 ACT.17:24 NEH.9:6 PSA.102:25 ISA.45:18 ACT.14:15 REV.4:11 PSA.33:6 PSA.89:11 PSA.90:2 JER.10:12 JER.32:17 COL.1:16 HEB.1:10 EXO.20:11 1CH.16:26 PSA.8:3 PSA.115:15 PSA.136:5 ISA.37:16 ISA.40:28 ACT.4:24 ROM.1:20 HEB.3:4 REV.10:6}
GEN.1:2 {PSA.104:30 JER.4:23 DEU.32:11 JOB.33:4 JOB.38:9 ISA.40:13}
GEN.1:3 {2CO.4:6 PSA.33:6 PSA.33:9 ISA.45:7 PSA.148:5}
GEN.1:4 {ISA.45:7}
GEN.1:5 {PSA.74:16 GEN.1:8 GEN.1:13 GEN.1:19 GEN.1:23 GEN.1:31}
GEN.1:6 {JER.10:12}
  1. And similarly, The_Works_nt.xrf which also has an ‘attribution’ statement, but not much else:
Copyright = The Works cross-references list for the New Testament, based on the BibleWorks consolidated master xref list of frequently cited passages.
Attribution=Cross-references are from BibleWorks' consolidated master list of frequently cited passages.
MAT.1:1 {JHN.7:42 ROM.1:3 GAL.3:16 REV.22:16 MAT.9:27 LUK.1:32 GEN.22:18 2SA.7:12 ISA.11:1 LUK.1:69 LUK.3:23 PSA.132:11 JER.23:5 ACT.13:23 ACT.2:30}
MAT.1:2 {GEN.25:26 GEN.21:3 GEN.29:35}
MAT.1:3 {RUT.4:18 1CH.2:4 LUK.3:33 GEN.38:29 1CH.2:1}
MAT.1:4 {1CH.2:10 RUT.4:18 RUT.4:19 LUK.3:32}
MAT.1:5 {RUT.4:13 RUT.4:17 RUT.4:21 1CH.2:12 LUK.3:32 HEB.11:31}
MAT.1:6 {2SA.12:24 1SA.17:12 1SA.16:1 2SA.11:27 1CH.2:15 1CH.3:5}
MAT.1:7 {1CH.3:10 1KI.15:8 2CH.14:1}
MAT.1:8 {1CH.3:10 1CH.3:11 1KI.15:24}
MAT.1:9 {2KI.16:20 2KI.18:1 1CH.3:13 2CH.27:1 2CH.27:9 2CH.29:1 MAT.1:8}

Does anyone know whether these two sets of cross-references could be shared more widely for PTXprint users? If so, we can easily add them as an alternative to the other “Standard List” which has gazillions of references - almost too many to be useful, although there are options to limit how many are displayed: