Long touch to select text

Hi Dear,

I have blocked my app to get text selected when screen is long pressed. But I am facing an issue (someone other might be).
That feature does not work with glossary pop up text. When any word is touched to see meaning and long presses the glossary text, it selects and user can copy the glossary word.
I want to completely secure my text without being copied or something else.

Please go through this option.

Humble regards.

I don’t understand why you want to do this? Most people are happy to have text copied and used elsewhere. It is called Scripture in use.

Why don’t you want the text copied?

I have created a file with multiple translation, and I want to secure my work more. People copy texts, make their own apps without giving reference. Though the app is much secured to decode or encrypt but text selection is made public.

the same option is still active in any bookmarked page.

Hope you will understand my situation.